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Drums of Hope: Reflections on Metta Meditation from the Inside

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

As I sit here, listening simultaneously to Richard recite “May all beings be happy, May all beings be safe, May all beings be safe, May all beings be peaceful, May all beings be at ease…” and men in the next concrete room over sing and drum, I feel my body open – even in the midst of a room full of men, some of which have raped my sisters, some of which have killed my brothers, some of which have stolen from each other – and yet here I sit: open. Tears filling my eyes and hope filing my heart. Here we all are, in this moment, being kind to each other. Being kind to ourselves. Together. As one. Together as one under these florescent light we’re more whole. Together.

And as I walk past the shiny razor wire fence, I wonder to myself “Here, there, anywhere, is there really any other way?”

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