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Good News from Down-Under!

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

(email from Arno Hess, Path of Freedom Facilitator, Queensland, Australia)

"We commenced the Path of Freedom classes three weeks ago at the Woodford Correctional Centre, and they are going well.

We started with 4 participants and now have 6. In Australia, all activities in prison are voluntary, and prisoners do not get any credits or points for attending courses like they do in some other countries. There is no incentive for prisoners to do anything except through self-motivation. According to the education officers at Woodford, having 6 prisoners in a course is outstanding and speaks volumes for the material.

The guys like what is being taught, and we hope that graduates will migrate to the weekly meditation sessions we also offer at this facility.

We have also been asked to offer the course in a different prison section, and consequently, we would like to order more books!

Many thanks for your good work, and greetings to Fleet and Kate"

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