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Heartwarming Thank you to the Prison Dharma Community

This letter is from a prisoner in GA; he writes:

Dear Prison Dharma Networks Friends, Careful: this letter may attempt to undermine your efforts to abandon your ego! You, people, are fabulous. Is that too much froufrou as an accolade? Let’s try this: the Prison Dharma Networks staff/volunteers/ friends/ family need to know the kind of service they perform on behalf of those behind bars and on “the path” is greatly appreciated and deeply moving. I’ve got three deep, profound books from you – Nisbets “The Essential Crazy Wisdom, Chogyam Trungpa’s “Cutting Through Spiritual Wisdom” and Harrisons “The Questions to Life’s Answers”. ..I’m so deep into Chogyam Trungpa’s book right now I’ve set everything else aside for a while. Whoever it was, who enclosed the message that “I hope you’re ready for this book. It may change your life.” I was aware of the book's contents. It is such a powerful body of work that I won’t be requesting any other books for some time. I need to read, re-read, and repeat to keep myself in “…spiritual materialism’s” dharma leads….Thanks again for all your kindness. Take care, take the air, and be present!

Most Sincerely, Kevin

Additional note: Kevin also sent over half a dozen stamps as a donation to the program…thank you, Kevin!

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