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Holding Your Seat, Gothenburg, Sweden

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Today I went to the prison and the Path of Freedom class myself since Rebecka is in Amsterdam. I arrived well in time and a guard took me to our room. I put the place in order and closed two doors. One to the corridor and one to a room where we can put our stuff. And since it was in a prison the doors of course locked. Then I had 15 minutes or so before the class where to start. And there I was, locked in, with no way to get out. For a brief moment I could glimpse the reality for the inmates. The feeling of being locked away, with no one hearing you scream. I took the opportunity to do some zazen and just be there with the experience.

When the guys came in they where a some stuff going on. One guy where soon to be released (which affected both him and the others) and one had had his cleaning equipment taken away. So there were some frustration. The man who had his cleaning gear taken from him didn’t show up for the class at first because he was so pissed off. But after 10 minutes he came and said he wanted to be there to try to calm down.

We did our short meditations, the check-in, talked about triggers, state shifting, adult ego state and so on. And the topics where spot on with the atmosphere in the group. Beautiful calm, silent meditation and hardcore talking.

I bow in gratitude…

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