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Letter From a Prisoner

Namaste! (Love and light to you and yours),

I am an incarcerated soul currently housed in a private prison. I am serving “life” as a result of a single moment in time that occurred 21+ years ago when I was 16 and under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I am 37 years today…still in prison and frankly, just getting started! As things currently appear I will never live to see “freedom” no matter who I grew up to be within this uniquely cruel penal system or how much I have changed.  But aside from being utterly “defined” by the single worst act I ever participated in I refuse to cease in my personal daily quest to be a better man today than the man I was as I closed my eyes last night! I am changed! I am not the boy who got me sent here to live out my natural life in this concrete cave!

As a man 21 years incarcerated, most everyone I knew outside of prison is dead or long ago ceased to stay in touch and I have no monetary or family support available to me anymore so the prospect of receiving free literature  is not only appealing but also I cannot afford to purchase such books. And just so you know my intention, should you choose to send me books, I intend to study them with a small group of interested men assigned to my living quarters and then I intend to donate them to the facility’s “inmate leisure library” so that they may be checked out by every inmate who wants to read them. Thank you very much for your time and regardless if you send me books or not, I thank you still!


Respectfully Submitted,

An Ever Changing Man


Editorial Note: Unfortunately, the facility where this prisoner lives does not permit used books. However, we were able to send a box of books to the prison Chaplain, who will make sure he is allowed access to them.  For those who wanted to donate books to him, thank you for your kindness!  The offers have been so heartwarming. Please know that we receive many, many requests for books from prisoners, and all books that have been donated are being distributed throughout the country to many others who are in need of the service and solace of writing.  Thank you all for your generosity.

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