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No Longer under Sentence of Death

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

My Fellow Seekers, I have some terrific news that I wish to share. I have prevailed on appeal and am no longer under the Sentence of Death by the state. True, we are all under death sentences but prefer it be of ‘natural’ causes than by state execution. It has been through prison outreach programs, such as yours, that have kept me plodding along during the three and one-half years I’ve been under a death sentence, that showed me there is always hope – no matter how hopeless it may appear at times.

Your programs gave me a better place to focus my attention and mind. I am eternally grateful for all that you’ve done and all that you do to aid us, prison seekers, in our search for a better way. Even amidst the unfriendly prison environments, there can be peace and tranquility; from within – should one take the time and make an effort. The reward to oneself and those whose lives are touched by us, by our ‘using our time’ (as opposed to ‘doing our time’), are two glorious reasons to make the effort. I’m reminded of something I read over three years ago, that I’ve never forgotten. An old Tibetan Lama who had fled the Chinese invasion was asked, “How did you manage to flee Tibet, cross the Himalayas, and reach safety?” His wise reply was, “One step at a time.” We must be willing to take the first step—over and over again on our journey.

Most Sincerely,

Michael K.R.

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