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“Mindfulness in the Jail” wins local awards

Updated: May 26, 2020

Every month there is an event in Salida, Colorado called “Salida Soup”. It provides individuals and groups who are involved in community work to present their organization, who they serve and what their needs are. Everyone who attends pays $5.00 to get in and a dish to share. There are 3 presentations each month and the folks in attendance get to vote who receives the pot (the $5.00 everybody pays to attend). I’m proud to say that Mindfulness in the Prison not only won the pot on our initial presentation, but also won the “playoffs” when the winners of each month’s Salida Soup got to re-present their projects. Between the two events, Mindfulness in the Jail took in about $900 which will be used to purchase more “Path of Freedom” and other books, along with yoga mats. I’ve attached an article from our local newspaper that describes the event.  

Thanks to our great volunteers:  Mary Gage, Denise Ackert, Jane Whitmer and Orin Dreeben.   Mindfulness in the Jail program wins vote at Salida Soup

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