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Nourished by The POF Book

Here is another brief but powerful video clip featuring Pamela Lacerda, a licensed clinical social worker who works with women in prison. In this short clip, Pam tells a story about how a woman she worked with would carry our Path of Freedom book around, and how much it nourished her. Check it out:

Nourished by the Book from Prison Mindfulness Institute on Vimeo.

Please consider donating to Prison Mindfulness Institute so we can reach more prisoners with our Path of Freedom programs.

“I have been honored to serve as a spiritual advisor to the Prison Dharma Network since its founding and fully endorse the work they continue to accomplish. Through my own experience with prisoners, I have directly witnessed the transformative potential of prison meditation programs. Please support Prison Dharma Network in any way you can.” – Pema Chodron, Spiritual Advisor.  

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