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Path of Freedom and the staff

Last Friday we was given the opportunity to hold an introduction to and brief description of the PoF-programme to the staff at the prison where we will be giving the PoF.

I feel really blessed to be met by this interest and openness from the people working there. Not that everyone that came where totally into it. But at least they are willing to hear us speak about it and try some meditation practicies. I think this may be very important when it comes to “sell” the programme to prisoners and the rest of the staff. If we are welcome to come there and met with interest – then it will be much easier for the inmates to participate and get support to continue their practice.

On Thursday – we start with the first proper PoF-class after two introductions for the inmates (Dec. and early Jan.) and this class with the staff. Looking forward to take part of this journey together!


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