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Path of Freedom – Recent Quotes from the Field

From a recent class at Rhode Island Womens’ Medium on Change:

” I am beginning to understand the good that comes from being quiet for awhile each day or at different times throughout the day. ” ” I am going to be leaving maybe this week and I will bring this workbook with me.”

From a POF Advanced Class at Rhode Island on Training the Mind:

“I notice that whatever I do or say comes back on me, has an affect on myself and others.”

From a class at the Allegheny County Jail on Training the Mind:

“I zone out a lot into past situations. What I learned today I’ll use to come back into the now.” “I learned how powerful meditation can be to incarcerated people.” “It’s really possible for us to change the brain through using our mind.”

From a recent class at Rhode Island Mens’ Medium on Who Am I?:

“I find that my feelings and emotions change with the weather. Rain depresses me terribly. But if I meditate, I can change my mood.” “I’m just trying to clarify here– we have had painful experiences in the past and they are lodged in our brain. Is the point that we are trying to neutralize those experiences so that we don’t act out on them anymore?” “I focus on my back pain, and it helps, but I can’t meditate all day.” “Mindfulness in daily life practice is like having my own psychiatrist with me everywhere I go. If I’m struggling with life’s twists and turns I can use my meditation to help give my mind a break and to deal with these issues.”
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