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Path of Freedom – Recent Quotes From the Field

Here are some quotes from recent Path of Freedom Courses:

From a class at Rhode Island Mens’ Medium on Transforming Pain:

“I used to try to block my thoughts but you’re right, that doesn’t work. Now I just let them go right by me and it works much better.”

“Holding your Seat for me means taking care of me. Yeah, getting in the last word might make me happy for a second, but I know that I get to choose between being “happy” and creating a lot of problems for myself or happy and taking care of myself. Thanks, but I’m going to choose being happy and taking care of myself.”

From a POF Advanced Class at Rhode Island on Training the Mind:

“I’m learning how to say “no” and it makes my life better!”

From a class at Rhode Island Womens’ Medium on Who Am I?:

“I want to thank you for the comments on my homework,,,it’s nice to know that someone is actually paying attention.”

“I am going to be leaving right before the class is over, so I don’t need the good time. …but do you think I could get the certificate? I would really like that!”

From a Rhode Island Class on Training the Inside Trainer:

“I’m working on the big “I”– the one that isn’t just about me but includes my relationships and my actions and everything that I come into contact with. It’s all me and I’m just trying to take care of it, keep working on it within myself.”

From a Rhode Island Maximum Class on Training the Mind:

“it’s easier to point fingers then look at yourself and say ‘oh, I’ve got a problem’ “

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