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Path of Freedom Recent Quotes from the Field!

From a Rhode Island Men’s Medium on Training the Mind:

“Mindfulness is power because I can control my actions and keep my mind focused on positive things.” “This class lives above the line and we are supported, challenged and encouraged within the Empowerment Triangle. Most of the other classes here come with a heavy, top/down, “you’re stupid, I’m here to teach you” attitude.” “I’m committed to taking this practice to the outside and making it a part of my life.” (about 5 guys said some version of this) “I now see myself –my feelings, my body, my thinking– from the outside in. I used to constantly be looking from the inside out but now it’s the opposite.”

From a Rhode Island “Training the Inside Trainer” class on Empowerment:

“My time here is between me and my victim and God. I’m here to take responsibility for what I did and to use this time for my own learning. The parole board isn’t a part of what’s important to me– I respect the parole board and I will give them what I need to and because of my daughter, if I can go home a little early that’s a good thing. But their decision is theirs– it doesn’t affect who I am in the moment.”
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