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Path of Freedom – September Reports from the Field

Here are some quotes from classes that have taken place this month. These quotes area all from men and women in Rhode Island Prisons, speaking about what the courses have been teaching them, and how they use what they learn to better themselves, and improve their lives both in the short term and the long term.

From a course on “Transforming Conflict”

“Living in prison…[there’s] too much time to think…you can beat yourself up a lot…cause you lost your freedom, so it’s very tough to even feel good about yourself cause you’re not doing anything. When you come in here & do the practice, you try not to think about past or future…but what you’re doing now…focusing on the present.”

From a course held on ‘Training the Mind’

“There’s no fear. What I mean is, I know I can handle whatever is in front of me. I have the tools to handle it. So even if there’s fear, I’m not afraid it.”

From a course on “Forgiveness”

“I was able to visualize the entire practice…[rather than] sometimes when I’m in here, it’s hard to focus”

“Giving the warmth to somebody, I can feel that connection…right in your heart”

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