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PoF Prison Happenings in Massachusetts

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

This morning the guys at the prison decided on the title of the auditorium talk Fleet will give on March 22 in the evening. They chose *Radical Responsibility*. These guys are an amazing group of prison practitioners. I think Norfolk is on the unique side of prisons in that it is the only “community prison” in MA, which gives the inmates more of a say and input into their lives and circumstances. Also, of the 1,500 total inmates, 500 of them are lifers’ and another third have long sentences (10 yrs or more) so many have had time to settle down. They also treat their environment as their home and take pride in how they have made improvements there.

By the way, we had our first POF class at Concord this past Thursday. It went quite well. 15 guys, and it seems to be a jolly good group. Trisha, Alan, and I shared responsibilities leading this class. Next week I lead “Who Am I.” I must confess, when I did the online POF training, I didn’t fill out those pieces of paper…I hope I get it right next Thursday! Mark O’Leary will also be participating in the Concord class.

Hopefully, I’ll see you next Sunday, the 19th, at the MA prison volunteer meeting (Boston Shambhala Center). It should be a good exchange of ideas and a way to connect everyone together to create a greater sense of volunteer prison sangha//community (depending on your outlook 🙂

P, L & RR,


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