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Pre-release: I See My Basic Goodness

One participant shared inspiring words in a Path of Freedom class for women at the Barnstable Correctional Facility in Massachusetts. After attending the class for many months and developing a strong, steady practice, she will be released next week:

I think sometimes people forget they have choices in life. Yes, you may have had a crappy childhood, struggled in school, had bad parental units. But I believe there comes a time in all our lives when you make the “choice” to walk a better path. I used to blame my crappy Dad for everything. But one day I realized, I can no longer blame because “my life was my life” now. And to no longer blame him for my actions. To hold myself accountable. From my teenage years ’til now has been a constant reminder of that. I love – love – I pride myself on being a nice person. I always try to see the light in every situation.

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