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“Circumstances are Neutral??”

One of the most difficult of  concepts in the Path of Freedom curriculum we use here at PMI is to really get (at least for me it was) is that ‘circumstances are neutral.’  I imagine we all have some kind of reaction to that idea, whether it shows up as an objection OR an aspiration.

For me, it’s both.

I mean, when I first heard it, I did like so many of us who point to the most obvious: Rape, Genocide, Torture, PRISON. Yes, I went there. And I went there because there was some little voice inside of my head that actually wanted to believe it. After-all, it does seem kind of freeing, no?

So yes, three and a half years later of total immersion into this kind of context (I do work very closely with Fleet after all!), has shown me countless ways this can be applied. The most notable is just this:

IF and WHEN something horrible happens to us, we can stay stuck there for the rest of our lives (and powerless, and beaten down, and full of NO hope for a better tomorrow) OR we can actually face “it”, relate with our pain, sadness and anger and when we are ready, find our dignity, stand up tall, and begin the walk forward.

I mean, really, what else is there?

So, I do hope you will check out this new video of Fleet Maull (PMI founder) going into MUCH more detail (with stories from Viktor Frankl and others who kept on keeping on). It is well worth the watch, and better yet, share it with those who may be having a hard time, it could just be the encouragement they need to pick them selves up and keep moving.

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