Shedding the Layers of Emotions

Updated: Apr 14

From one of our recent Path of Freedom prison classes:

“Last week after class I was glad my roommate wasn’t in the cell because I took off my coat and as I took it off could feel like I was taking off an emotion. It was like every article of clothing I took off was another emotion I was letting go of. Then I just sat down on my bed and there were tears in my eyes, but I wasn’t sad, I was laughing. I felt so vulnerable but also… I don’t know, I felt whole. I’ve never felt like that before. I deal with a lot of depression and anxiety in my life - big time- But they weren’t there right then. I felt… well, free. And it was like I had just gotten out of a hot shower and there was a cool breeze coming through the window- kind of a peppermint Patty moment!”

-Participant in PMI’s Path of Freedom prison class

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