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Ethics Study Circles for Inmates

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

from the DLF blog: (attached to this post is the Study Guide for Prisoners) Click here to download: Discovering Ethics A StudyGuideforInmates

In the June, 2009, newsletter of The Dalai Lama Foundation, announced that for a year the facilitators of Project Clear Light had been meeting with a group of 20 maximum-security inmates at the Mark Stiles Unit in Beaumont, Texas. They had been using Ethics for the New Millennium as a text, and the Study Guide as a starting point for their series of meetings.

The work begun by Terry Conrad, and by the inmates at the unit, resulted in a special study guide for inmates entitled Discovering Ethics: A Path to Virtue, which is available for download (PDF) and in printed (bound) form from

The guide, like our other guides, is published under a Creative Commons license which allows modification, addition, duplication, and distribution for nonprofit purposes.

All of the guides are for use with Ethics for the New Millennium, which must be purchased separately. We urge you to purchase conveniently, you may be able to get the book today from a local bookseller. You can order copies online from or other online retailers.


* Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba expresses our appreciation to Terry Conrad for the new study guide

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