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The Flowering of Compassion

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

From Gary (POF MA) Just wanted to share a story from one of our Path of Freedom participants about the recent Boston Marathon bombings. This woman is in her 4th round of Path of Freedom classes. I will do my best to quote her here:

“I was really worked up last week about the Marathon Bombing because my boyfriend lives just a few blocks from where the shoot out took place.  There is also a lot of brush and overgrowth behind his house and I was thinking that it would be a place that the younger brother could easily hide out.  I was really anxious and glued to the television.  Once they found him in the boat though, something unexpected happened– I just felt myself overcome with compassion for this young man.  I mean, I don’t condone anything that he did, but he’s just a kid and who knows what his experience has been.  Laying in bed that night I was reflecting on this feeling of compassion, which was surprising in and of itself, when I suddenly realized, if I can have this feeling of compassion for this kid who set off a bomb at the Boston Marathon, why can’t I have compassion for myself?  That was such a realization for me, and really showed me what an impact this practice has had on my life: to know that this kid deserves my compassion and so do I.”

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