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The World-Wide-Web Movement Towards Freedom

Who would think a ‘webinar’ could be as intimate and accessible as this one is? I, along with plenty of other skeptical people, sure didn’t. But by golly gee, was I wrong.

Not only do we have one of the best trainers in the world teaching this program, we also have people sharing their very personal and real experiences from all over the world. Yep. From Australia to Greece, New Zealand to Guatemala, right back here to the yards of our home base in Providence, RI, we have an incredibly eclectic wide range of folks interested in, or already working with, those locked up around the world along with other under-served populations.

It’s quite amazing actually.

At the beginning of each class we all turn on our cameras and meditate together – a very connecting experience in our super fast paced, mostly online based global world. It seems to take Indra’s net into the real time and provide a space therein for our lives to slow down with technology. With all the high speed work and global shifts that are happening with more and more intensity, it can hard to find a healthy moment on the internet – so as you can imagine, when I found this webianr to provide just that – a still, connecting, mindful and educational outlet – I was excited to share that with others (hence the blog).

Don’t just take my word, I’m not alone on this. Here are some words from our most recent Path of Freedom webinar:

“I learned that taking responsibility for all my actions is a very liberating exercise.

“I learned that I can reframe the drama triangle — flip it upside down, take it above the line.

“What has had a huge impact on me is that I am solely responsible for my for my feelings – not something external to me.”

“I learned I don’t need to label myself

“I learned that there are so many skills that can be developed, like listening and relating, that I thought were just traits”

Hope to see you online next time the Path of Freedom is offered (in September) Thanks for reading!


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