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What Happend to October?!

Somehow it came and went and now we are in November. Weird. I mean I know we had a lot going on the whole month of October, but really? That much? Um yea. That much…So, here’s a run down, in brief.

During the month of October, you didn’t hear a wink from me because I was not only busy going into the various prisons (both metaphorically speaking and for reaI) 5 times a week, I was also running around the state trying to coordinate 23 probation and parole officer’s Motivational Interviewing recording sessions with their clients. So yea, October came and went and I’m still spinning from all that action.

Five times a week (I’m really not exaggerating here folks) and at this point, I think I might have overdosed on the administrative end of the prison experience. We have continued with our PoF Men’s medium (moran), men’s minimum, and women’s – and in addition, during last month, we added three more classes per week at Moran for an accelerated, pre-release class. We have two more to do and then we can breathe again! It’s been amazing and hectic and craaaaazy, I can hardly keep up with the demand around here but at the same time, it’s pretty darn exciting – just to see the enthusiasm from the heads at the ACI here and the demand growing, in a seemingly, exponential way, I’m feeling good about the work we’re doing. I may be biased saying this, but it really does seem that our curriculum;m offers something that not only the inmates are hungry for, but also the staff and higher ups. It’s all good work.

So yea. In my spare time, I’ve changed my name (impermanence strikes again!) and I’m just starting to unfurl for the approaching winter. I’m excited for the change in season, as it seems things may just slow a little bit. I guess we’ll see.

Over and out (for now)…

Until next time,


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