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Who Am I?

Updated: Apr 22

Report completed by  Fleet Maull Basic Meditations Taught::    Basic Meditation & Mindfulness Body Scan Close Placement PoF Workbook Meditations Taught::    Being Still How Many Participants?:    31-35

:: PRISONER BENEFITS:: Prisoners reported: “Cell Practice” helps.  Some quotes:

  1. “I used brushing my teeth as an exercise, and it was interesting to be focused and present.”

  2. ” I used tying my shoes as a mindfulness exercise, and it seemed like it took a lot longer … usually I do it without paying attention.”

Who Am I Process Prisoner Quotes:

  1. “I used to think these roles and identities are who I am, but now I see they are just thoughts.”

  2. “It was hard to let go of the positive identities, which feel like who I am.”

  3. “It was hard to let go of the identities, but now I see that without those I still have basic goodness.”

  4. “It was hard to let go of the identities, like for example I am an angry person and I know why … because of things that happened in my childhood … it’s hard to imagine myself not being an angry person, it feels like that’s who I am.”

  5. “It was a relief to let go of the negative identities.”

  6. “I experienced a kind of gap.”

  7. “It felt very empty to let go of all these roles and identities.”

  8. “I see that I’m ready to let go of some of these negative identities.”

:: THE CLASS::What worked and what was a challenge: The Who Am I process appeared to work very well. The class appeared very engaged, and more than half of the class shared experiences from the exercise. It was important to validate their experiences, as some found it helpful to let go of identities or hold them more lightly, and some found it very difficult. All in all…another great class!

Fleet at the ACI

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