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Path of Freedom Fall 2013

Our Path of Freedom classes in have started again.  This semester I’ve earned the privilege of sitting in on the class at the prison to take notes and facilitate any administrative detail needing to happen.

I’m really enjoying it! I especially appreciate meditating with the guys.  I feel comfortable and at ease with them. Everyone has been super-friendly and polite so far.

It is looking like we’ve got a great group of guys, generally all of them interested in and engaging with the material we’re offering.  It is touching to hear them share.

After a brief “belly-breathing” meditation in the class last Thursday, one prisoner shared,

“I identified that I was bitter about my situation.  So I want to take something from this and apply it towards creating positivity in my life.  I want to get rid of bitterness.”

During the first class meeting – the first exposure to meditation for most of the guys –  reports were of feeling distract or noticing anxiety.  However in the second class meeting more were reporting that the practice calmed them down.

We are running several Path of Freedom classes this semester, and we also sponsor a Buddhist Studies class at the prison on Monday nights.  As reports trickle in from those classes, it seems overall, the Path of Freedom program is running smoothly!  Great job, team!

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