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You Can Even Have the Bottom Bunk

Updated: May 22, 2020

At the final session of a Path of Freedom course, facilitators often give out certificates and reflect with participants about the experience. The following report from a facilitator on the last day of 8-week session illustrates how impact can shine through even when early sessions seem dire:

This has been a challenging group. I was really questioning whether they were gaining anything at all from the class. However, there was a genuineness about them that I find quite precious.

Around week 5, a connection was made and since then we have worked much better together. As a group, they expressed gratitude for the class and the time to be away from the “craziness” upstairs.It was wonderful to see (and hear) them genuinely cheering for each other as each received her certificate of completion today.

Their comments speak volumes. One said “This has been really good. I have looked forward to coming. Thank you for being here.” Another asked “Can we take it a again?”

…and after all these years…a first “Why don’t you just stay? I’ll even give you the bottom bunk!” LOLOL!!! (This was from the same woman who said just a couple of weeks ago that her limiting core belief was that she hates everyone and she was grateful she never murdered anyone).

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